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To continually produce art & photography that speaks to the audience. Products will be handled with a high standard of professionalism, as a respect to clients. More than mere objects, an experience will be provided by establishing meaningful connections with galleries and local organizations.

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Like so many photographers, black and white film is what initially captured me. However, the love affair persisted through the combination of not only film, but ART. This algamation has led me to where I am now. Unlike others, I choose to not demand perfection, instead I strive for an appropriate mood. My photography usually marries design, painting, and drawing with rules that I make up as I go along. When things seem to gel, I know that I am on the right track. As an artist, I know and understand that most people are not going to see precisely what I see, whether it be a piece that I make or a picture that I take. Despite this, my ultimate goal is to get, at least, one person to see what I see. Another ultimate goal for me, as a photographer, is to have the opportunity to succeed and create beautiful and meaningful images. Thank you for taking the time to view my work.


Below are testimonials from recent clients.

  • "Natalia is wonderful to work with. She has a gentle spirit and open heart. She listens, connects, and can help create the perfect photographs."

  • "I used Natalia for my maternity pictures . She is an amazing photographer and an absolute joy to work with. Her outgoing, gentle personality made for a very comfortable relaxed setting. Her creativity brought a different feel and the end result turned out beautifully. She's passionate at what she does , and it shows. "

  • Natalia is a kind soul and a pleasure to work with. Her photography and approach to her art reflect her passion for her many talents.

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